Heka VR is an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) based software system combining technology within the field of mental health, which will facilitate psychological treatment for patients suffering with schizophrenia with auditory hallucinations. The use of Virtual Reality allows exposure to challenging situations in an immersive, but also protected, flexible, and controlled environment.



What is it?

HekaVR is a visual platform which enables Avatar Therapy, a form of psychotherapy, to be conducted in a Virtual Reality environment. HekaVR is a Class 1 Medical Device Software, not allowing it to influence the therapist’s decisions regarding the therapy and therefore cannot cause harm to the patients.

How does it work

Face Creation Module

Where the therapist can create a visual representation of the patient’s malevolent voice, where gender, age and facial characteristics are all customizable

Voice Modulation Module

Where the therapist’s voice can be modulated – by changing gender, age, pitch and other characteristics – to resemble the patient’s persecutory voice

Real-time VR Simulation

Where the patient can engage in a dialogue with the visual representation of the malevolent voice in VR and practice to confront it whilst the therapist is acting as the voice via the real time voice modulation feature


A patient key has been developed, to ensure no personal data is stored inside the software. Instead, all session information can be stores in whatever security system is available

End to End Product

Mixture of hardware and software working seamlessly together

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Helena Blazinic

Project Manager - Clinical Trials

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